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Why Match Rates Matter and How to Improve Them

Why Match Rates Matter and How to Improve ThemCustomer data comes in many shapes and sizes, but first-party data is king in terms of marketing value. Your first party data may be your most reliable source of information about your target audience, because it comes...

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How to Build an Omni-Channel Customer Experience for Retail Success

Consumers now expect brands to provide a personalized, meaningful, and seamless experience across all screens and devices. To satisfy the expectations of consumers and to remain competitive in the marketplace, retailers must create an omni-channel customer experience. Failure to make this a top priority could spell big trouble for your business in the long run.

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Signs You Might Need a New Ad Agency

With any advertiser-agency relationship, the fourth quarter of every year is time for “the conversation.” You know, the uncomfortable conversation where you ask your significant other (and yourself) the big questions: Where are we going? Is this still working for us?...

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The Three Secrets to Celebrity Endorsement Success

Selecting the right celebrity to endorse a brand is a tricky proposition. When an endorsement hits the mark, it can make a brand’s credibility and popularity skyrocket. But when an endorsement falls flat it can result in a huge waste of money. Last year, we corralled...

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Social Proof Matters: Here’s how to get it.

Whether a mattress, solar panels, floors, windows, mortgages or, yes, even furniture, people often lack the knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions -- largely because they buy these products so infrequently. This creates a unique challenge for companies...

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Is Online Furniture Really the Perfect Storm?

You can order up just about anything online these days -- from books to clothing to food to toys to office supplies. Essentially, if you can think it, there’s an ecommerce store that sells it. But some big -- and big ticket -- items might give consumers pause when it...

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Is Your Ad Agency Working For You on Performance?

While most advertising agencies avoid talking about one particular topic, it’s our favorite subject here at Wingman. We’re talking about pay-per-performance compensation, and not only don’t we mind when it comes up in conversation, but we actually love talking about...

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People Hate Radio Commercials So We Made Them Longer

As an advertiser, there’s one simple truth that—once you accept it— will set you free (and increase ROI): People hate advertising. That’s why, at Wingman Advertising, our goal is to create radio commercials that don’t sound like it. Your audience is exposed to 5,000...

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Throwback Thursday- Jerome’s Furniture

At Wingman we love good creative! That's why every Thursday we're paying homage to the creative gods of the past and selecting our favorite #TBT commercials. This week's Throwback Thursday award goes to Jerome's!!! Enjoy!!!

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Are Your Advertising Strategies Election-Proof?

With political TV ad spending predicted to soar to $4.4 billion during this year’s federal races, penetrating the airwaves with your own advertising message can be a more challenging endeavor than in non-election seasons. The good news for non-political advertisers?...

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Radio is Kicking A$$ for Home Improvement Leads

The Buggles may have predicted the unfortunate demise of the radio star at the metaphorically murderous hands of video way back in 1979, but history tells a different tale -- at least when it comes to advertising. In fact, 21st century radio is not only a brave new...

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Are Free Trials Worth Your While?

Between a fiercely competitive marketplace and dialed-in consumers, today’s home improvement businesses have their work cut out for them. It’s no surprise that conversations often turn to exploring new strategies for capturing a greater market share. And while some...

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The 411 on Home Improvement Advertising

The U.S. home improvement industry is complex, with a number of dynamic yet interrelated factors -- including everything from the state of the housing market to changing demographics of the population -- driving trends. So what can we expect in the year ahead knowing...

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Screen time: what’s hot in home entertainment

Nearly three-quarters of Americans aged 12 and up report that they actively consume movies and television at home, according to research from Nielsen. And while watching lots of television is hardly a new phenomenon -- in fact, some would consider it a national...

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Goodbye Tailgating, Hello “Homegating”

Home improvement experts agree: the outdoors are in for 2016. While we touched on the subject in our 411 on 2016’s Home Improvement Outlook, we’re now drilling down even further to bring you four specific areas of outdoor living we expect to take off in the year...

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The CEO: Your In-House DR Secret Weapon

After years  A/B tests, Wingman Advertising continually proves its theory that having a company's owner/CEO voicing its spots, out performs, on a cost per call and conversion basis, highly produced advertising agency spots every time.     At Wingman Advertising,...

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