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Dialing In The Radio Buying Experts


Throughout our years in business, Wingman has crafted thousands of radio campaigns geared to achieve extensive growth. No surprise that we have earned a reputation as an agency that “knows radio.”


Media Planning and Buying for All Radio Formats

Technology is enhancing the radio listener experience and creating new opportunities for advertisers to reach and engage them “beyond the dial.” With so many options out there, how do you know you’re making the best media selections? Wingman has you covered. Our team of seasoned radio buyers will select the most appropriate response-driving formats, from terrestrial and satellite radio to digital forms of audio.

Terrestrial Radio

Satellite Radio

Remnant Radio

Digital Streaming

Mobile App Inventory

Programmatic Inventory

Local, Regional, And National Market Delivery

We plan and buy radio to reach the right audiences at the right price in both local and national radio markets. Our nearly two decades of expertise serve you well with campaigns that engage key audiences at scale, next door or coast to coast.

302 Local Markets

65 Satellite Networks

254MM Listeners

11K+ AM/FM Stations

More Efficient Radio Campaigns

What if you had two decades of historical response data behind your campaign? Could you translate eye-opening insights into radio efficiency and engagement? We think so. Wingman integrates historical response data across multiple paths of conversion to determine the most effective inventory and the right CPM (cost per thousand impressions) by station to maximize your campaign ROI and response.

Reach In-Market Audiences in Digital Audio 

We plan and execute targeted digital audio streaming campaigns using our powerful Audience Management Platform, haloAMP™. We leverage haloAMP™ to identify in-market consumers and deliver contextually relevant messaging across digital audio streaming.

Our Strategies Are Proven To Deliver Maximum Response 

With two decades of historical response in our data warehouse, we target consumers in terrestrial radio with far greater accuracy than traditional station ratings.

Check out how our Innovations radio campaign helped California Deluxe Windows increase conversions 52% and lower cost-per-lead 24%.

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