What We Offer

Media Planning

Our media planners determine the media mix and messaging that will drive the greatest response- from television and radio to digital and out-of-home.

Media Buying

Our media buyers put every dollar in your media budget to work to help you reach your goals with maximum efficiency, minimum ad waste, at the lowest ad rates possible.

Creative Development

Our in-house creative team will bring your most valuable messaging to life with straightforward pricing based on a percentage of media.

Measured Results

Our customized reporting dashboards provide real-time analytics to help you understand the impact of your media across all channels from a single view.

Audience Targeting

We build audience-based media campaigns that seamlessly engage your most relevant audiences – omni-channel.

Content Production

Our creative department can work with your existing creative partners to produce additional content. We love working with other creatives!


Wingman’s haloAMP™ Audience Management Platform puts big data to work to engage your most valuable audiences at scale across the entire media ecosystem. Learn more about haloAMP™ 




Increased comparable store sales 17% Year Over Year. Lowered CPA 44% YOY.

217million Intelliloan Increase


Scaled monthly loan volume from $14 million to $280 million in 8 months.



Negotiated a zero risk media partnership that increased sales by 314% YOY.



Brands We Work With


Why Data Match Rates Matter and How to Improve Them

A match rate is the percentage of individuals in a data set who can be successfully matched with the members of a data set on another platform. If you’re brand executes targeted media campaigns, here are five tips to help you get the most out of your first party data by improving match rates.

Beginner’s Guide to People-Based Marketing

This guide discusses people-based marketing (PBM), its value over traditional marketing strategies and how to execute media campaigns that leverage PBM.

How Digital Media is Moving Beyond Web Cookies

Digital marketers have been using cookies to track online behavior and target users with ads for the past two decades. However, cookies are no longer the best method of accomplishing these goals.

What Motivates the Consumer to Make a Considered Purchase?

Considered Purchase Marketing - It's All about Getting Back to Basics Cross-device buying patterns? Considered purchase? Persistent identifier?  People-based marketing? These days, even the sharpest marketers can occasionally feel like cryptozoologists tracking the elusive Bigfoot (i.e. customer). It's...

Vacation Home Purchases Are Booming: What Does it Mean For Advertisers?

Did you know vacation home purchases were up 54% year over year for 2014 and that vacation home purchases represent 21% of the real estate market?  That's big business and a big opportunity for advertisers... When we think about considered purchases for the home, we intuitively start with a primary residence...

Considered Purchases For the Home News & Insights

Marketing Considered Purchases isn't easy, but it's what we do best. To that end, we're constantly on the lookout for the latest news and insights in our niche.  Read on for a rundown of interesting stories. 1. CALL OF THE MALL... AdAge asks, "Can Data Save the Mall?" Mall operators are just beginning to...

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Wingman Media is an award winning Media Buying and Media Planning Agency in Los Angeles, California. We help companies that sell niche products and services plan data-driven media campaigns with maximum response and efficiency across Television, Radio and Digital Media.

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