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Wingman Media was founded in 2003 by Entrepreneur and Broadcast Media Veteran Steve Dubane. Taking what he learned from two decades creating successful media campaigns for clients that sell considered purchases, Steve set out with a simple mission: “To make our clients rich and our mothers proud.” Wingman has since grown from a small start-up into an award-winning media agency with a track record for success. Our campaigns scale profitably and have changed the trajectory of our clients’ businesses.

Wingman Media is the only response-driven media agency to specialize in companies that sell considered purchases – cars, solar panels, mortgages, windows, high end home goods, engagement rings and other big ticket items with low purchase frequency and little consumer product knowledge. With proprietary media planning and buying solutions that leverage real, non-statistical consumer data, Wingman’s omni-channel campaigns reach audiences with the highest propensity to convert into customers across television, radio and digital channels.

Our Team


Our staff is made up of big agency talent wrapped up in a boutique agency package. With Wingman, youʼll get strategy and execution of the highest caliber agency, without the requirement of a 100 million dollar budget. (Don’t get us wrong, if you do have a $100MM budget, we will kick-butt for you, too!)

We recognize that no single person gets the job done alone. Our team of Wingmen and Wing-women bring unique strengths to the table with different areas of expertise. And with our average of nearly 10 years working together gives us a strong advantage to get things done right the first time.

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Wingman maximizes your ROI with more phone calls, qualified website visits, retail foot traffic, inventory turns, cash flow per hour, and revenue per square foot.

Our media campaigns are proven to drive sales-ready leads when you need them most - NOW. And like traditional marketing tactics, we help you amplify your brand credibility over time.

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