Multi-Channel Media Plan Brings 1000% Revenue Growth

Wingman Media helps Intelliloan blaze a new trail in the mortgage lending territory.


Brand Equity Transforms Lead Aggregation into Lead Generation

Wingman Media implemented a branded marketing strategy across multiple media channels to transition Intelliloan from relying solely on buying leads from lead aggregators. A media mix consisting of Broadcast TV, Radio, & Programmatic Advertising helped drive exclusive leads, growing the mortgage loan company’s revenue 1000% in just 8 months.

The Client

A 28 Year Mortgage Loan Company
Intelliloan is a regional mortgage company that’s licensed in 22 states. They are a direct lender that does a vast majority of the loans direct to consumer.


A Threefold Problem in Marketing
Relying solely on lead aggregators presented a three-fold problem for Intelliloan:



The mortgage industry in particular and lending in general are competitive spaces where lead handling is key to maintaining success.



Intent of borrowers from purchased leads is low, and leads are resold to multiple lenders. Only around 30% of leads from aggregators convert into a mortgage for any lender.



The costs of funded loans from lead buying is relative to direct to consumer marketing, but there is no opportunity to build brand equity like there is with direct response brand advertising.

The Solution

Effective Advertising with Industry-Leading Offers

Wingman Media implemented a multi-channel direct-to-consumer media plan that consisted of television, radio, search, social and programmatic advertising. The ad campaigns were designed to increase interest, drive loan applications, and deliver funded loans at a $2,000 cost per funded loan or better.


Introducing a New Brand Character
Transitioning into TV advertising meant that Intelliloan needed to establish visual branding elements for the first time. After conducting market and competitive research, Wingman came up with the idea for “Ella.” This Siri-like animated character acted as Intelliloan’s A.I. home loan assistant, guiding consumers through the loan process. Using a variety of compelling search query-like opening questions (“What should I do when I’m not watching Tiger Guy?” or “Home loans at 2.19% APR, real or fake news?”), the Addy Award-winning spots effectively grabbed viewers’ attention while delivering daily rates and strong


Our Data-Centric Approach
Wingman planned the TV and cable buys based on set-top-box data, identifying TV and cable channels, time periods, and specific shows that provided the largest and most efficient reach into the target audiences. Furthermore, we integrated all of our media reporting with the client’s CRM data, allowing us to track results from the initial ad impression all the way through the sales cycle. As a result, we were able to go beyond front-end metrics and evaluate the performance of specific media channels, stations, and creative messages based on the cost-per-funded-loan (CPFL).
The Results

4,400 Funded Loans (Can’t Be Wrong)

By partnering with Wingman Media, Intelliloan achieved unprecedented financial success, growing revenue 1,000% – from $14 million to $280 million – in just 8 months!

Notable Outcomes:


Increased lead volume from direct leads from 0 to 4,000 monthly leads.


Increased Loans funded by branded media from 0 to 650 loans.



Achieved and maintained a sub-$2.5K CPFL for over 4.4K funded loans.


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