Wingman helps  TV advertisers target  purchase-ready television audiences with far greater precision than traditional media planning.

We Buy TV Across all Ad Formats and Devices, Reaching:

95% of the American Market

287MM Accessible Viewers

1:1 Audience Targeting

500+ Networks/Platforms

Local, regional, national reach

Industry-leading service that earned us top rankings in trusted independent reviews like  where we’re named Top 3 Media Buyers.

Linear TV

Leverage linear TV’s incredible economies of scale to efficiently reach in-market consumers. 

Satellite TV

Reach satellite TV subscribers on live programming across the nation. 

Addressable TV

Use household-level data and segmentation to serve 1:1 TV ads to specific addresses.

National Cable

Reach millions of people at the most efficient CPMs available in broadcast media.


Local Spot

Focus your brand message to local audiences to grow your customer base. 

Connected TV

Reach your most valuable audiences on smart, multi-screen devices like Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV, and CTV apps like Peacock and Hulu.


Wingman’s haloAMP™ Audience Management Platform puts big data to work to engage your most valuable audiences at scale across the entire media ecosystem. Learn more about haloAMP™ 



About Us

Wingman Media is an award winning Media Buying and Media Planning Agency in Los Angeles, California. We plan data-driven media campaigns for companies that sell niche products and services and drive maximum response from all channels - including television,  programatic display and video, connected TV (CTV), paid social media, paid search, radio, and audio streaming. 

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