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Successful campaigns today require media agencies and planners to evolve their tools and techniques. While time has stood still for many traditional media planning and buying agencies, Wingman embraced the technology revolution from the beginning. We built the haloAMP™ Audience Management Platform to tackle the challenge of audience fragmentation across the media landscape.


Audience Management Platform

Supercharge Your Media Campaigns with haloAMP™

haloAMP™ is a people-based Audience Management Platform that revolutionizes media planning.  Rather than targeting broad audience demographics like traditional planning and buying strategies, our platform combines first- and third-party data to identify the REAL people who are ready to purchase your products and services.

But we’re not finished there. haloAMP™ empowers brands to holistically engage in-market audiences omni-channel — extending your most meaningful, relevant message across every media channel, screen, and device seamlessly.

Benefits of haloAMP

Centralize Audience Data in a Single Platform

haloAMP™ consolidates customer data out of silos and into a single platform. We combine fragmented data from online and offline sources to give you a complete picture of your most valuable customers.

Build Smarter Audience Segments

haloAMP™ appends your first-party data with insights from our network of third-party data partners. Our data network provides access to billions of data points that can be layered onto your custom segments to help determine purchase intent.

Reach Multi-Screen Audiences Seamlessly

haloAMP™ builds omni-channel audiences, allowing you to effortlessly expand your advertising campaigns across digital and broadcast media seamlessly.

Reduce Wasted Media Dollars

haloAMP™’s omni-channel view of the customer journey allows brands to more granularly optimize media to what works, while eliminating wasted ad spend on what doesn’t.

Maintain Consistent Messaging

haloAMP™ enables advertisers execute cross-channel media campaigns that deliver consistent messaging across digital, television, and radio.

Uncover Reliable Audience Insights

haloAMP™ leverages first-party data directly from your REAL customers to build a truth-set that represents your key audience segments.

How does haloAMP build custom audiences?

First Party Data Onboarding

We use haloAMP™ to onboard and clean your PII-based customer data in a manner that is secure and privacy compliant. haloAMP™ collects your first-party data from both online and offline data sources such as your CRM, transactional records, historical response data, and lead lists.

Customer Segmentation

haloAMP™ uses your first-party data to build custom segments of your most important customers. We identify signals that indicate purchase intent from the shared attributes of individuals within each segment.

Audience Identification

The haloAMP™ network anonymizes your customer data by assigning a unique identity link to each individual within your custom segments. Identity links are used to match offline customer data – like name, physical address, and phone number – with online audience identifiers, such as device IDs, all while safeguarding your customers’ privacy and security.

Omni-Channel Activation

Using haloAMP™ to build custom audiences is the first step in a people-based marketing strategy. haloAMP™ pushes your audiences into our media planning and buying systems where we put insights into action across television, radio, and digital media channels.

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