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What Makes Wingman a Different Kind of Media Agency

We Plan and Buy Media for the Considered Purchase Niche

Wingman entered the media planning and buying arena in 2003 to super-serve companies that sell considered purchases. Back then media consumption was consolidated into print, radio and television, and planning a successful media campaign was relatively simple.


Well, times have changed! The explosion of digital marketing channels, the penetration of devices and the growing fragmentation in media consumption have made planning media one of the biggest challenges for today’s advertisers.

We Understand the Unique Challenges of Considered Purchases

The number of people who are in the market for a considered purchase is substantially smaller than consumable products we buy everyday. At any given moment, only a tiny fraction of the population is purchase ready for a big ticket item.


When you combine the small number of people in the market, media fragmentation, and the eroding attention spans of consumers with the complicated buying cycle of considered purchases, media becomes exponentially more difficult to plan.

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Low Purchase Frequency


Limited In-Market Consumers


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Our Advanced Targeting Solutions Reach In-Market Consumers Across All Media

In order to build successful campaigns in today’s complex media landscape, media agencies and planners need to evolve their systems and techniques. To meet these challenges head-on Wingman developed wingDMP℠, a proprietary media targeting platform that hyper-targets micro-audiences with great precision. wingDMP allows us to build highly effective media campaigns to reach our clients’ fragmented audiences across all channels.


Find out how the wingDMP suite helps advertisers build media campaigns that maximize media ROI, increase response and reach the right audiences more effectively.

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