Media Planning
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Forget Target Practice. Think Bullseyes.

Most digital media campaigns have it backwards. They put scale first and audience quality last. Wingman gets it right. We start by precisely defining your audience using our proprietary audience management platform, haloAMP. Our breakthrough technology delivers your most relevant message to the real people in the market for your products or services — at scale. haloAMP targets your most valuable digital audiences across Social Media, Programmatic Video and Display, Audio Streaming and OTT devices –– the kind of reach your brand really needs.

The Digital Media Universe. Delivered.

Tap Into Targeting Across These Digital Formats

Video & Display

Streaming Audio

Paid Search

OTT Devices

Paid Social

We Plan and Buy Digital Media Differently Using People Based Targeting


Anonymized persistent identifiers (IDs) tell us how real people interact with media over time.


Like an octopus, reach out to as many as 15 individuals across multiple devices using a single iP address

Cross Device

Seamlessly target your digital audience across desktop, mobile and OTT devices, and innovations to come.

Cross Channel

Reach your audience across all channels: from desktop and mobile, to connected TV and streaming audio.

The Deep Dive. 

Combine, Define, Refine

With access to over 1000 high quality private marketplace contracts, Wingman gives you broader and deeper access into premium media inventory.  Reach more of your most valuable audiences across the entire digital ecosystem.

Mobile Inventory Partners

Display Inventory Partners

3rd Party Desktop Data Vendors

3rd Party Cross-Device Data Partners

3rd Party Mobile Data Vendors

Premium Video Inventory Partners

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Today, the audience rules. And people based marketing is the path that reaches them. Find out how to get from point A to B to Z. Our People Based Marketing Guide can help lead the way to a supercharged digital media strategy. Think of it as your grab and go education. There should be a diploma for reading this.

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