Marketing Considered Purchases isn’t easy, but it’s what we do best. To that end, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest news and insights in our niche.  Read on for a rundown of interesting stories.

1. CALL OF THE MALL… AdAge asks, “Can Data Save the Mall?”

Mall operators are just beginning to negotiate with retailers on sharing data. When that gateway is opened, more opportunities will arise to engage with retailers and shoppers at a deeper level. Possibilities include live retailer feeds of in-store merchandise, in-store virtual reality and robotics that help with retailer fulfillment… [Ad Age]

2. HOME INTERIORS… Feel good story on an elegantly designed, upscale kitchen unit that’s 100% accessible to elderly and/or disabled cooks.

The customizable design can be changed to suit any person’s particular height, reach or limitation while the easy insertion and removal lets a user reconfigure the kitchen for particular tasks or specific meals.  A second feature Biotto focused on was the sink, typically a trouble area for anybody with a height, reach or mobility issue because the faucet and handles are located so far from the front of the counter.” [PSFK]

3.  MACRO TRENDS… How does the Smurf Village illuminate stagnating world economic growth and consumer demand? Quite presciently it turns out:

“Why has global economic growth slowed quite so stubbornly? Here is a very simplified exploration of the possibilities, using the Smurf village as a model. The most plausible answer is that traditional manufacturers over-invested in capital goods before 2008, so that there is nothing much they still need to buy; and though the digital economy thrives, it returns more to consumers than to investors.” [The Long & Short]

4.  AWESOME… “Mr. T’s new home improvement show is going to be the best thing in the history of the universe.”

We tend to agree. [BGR]