We recently share our thoughts regarding the power of 800 numbers and — more specifically — about the supremacy of what we like to call the “superchunks,” AKA 800 hundred series repeaters. But just in case you still need convincing, we’re back with six reasons why these dominant digits offer transformative potential for today’s forward-thinking businesses. Let’s count them down.

1. People use them. A lot.

Not only do a staggering 90 percent of Americans use toll free numbers, but more than a third say they make at least 60 toll free calls every year.

However, not just any toll free number will do. While 866, 877, and 888 prefixes are also toll free, significantly fewer Americans recognize them as such — 55 percent, 56 percent, and 70 percent, respectively, compared to 94 percent for 800 numbers. If your aim is to entice customers with the promise of a free call, sticking with the 800 prefix is the way to go.

2. They’re incredibly effective.

800 numbers aren’t just more recognizable, they’ve also got more mojo. Because the 800 prefix is inextricably linked with everyone’s favorite four-letter “f” word — that would be free — in the human psyche, our brains are actually programmed to hear those three magic digits and immediately begin memorizing in order to cash in.

And not only do 800 numbers mean more manageable memorization for consumers, but they also mean the reduced risk of misdials. According to Dial800 Chairman Scott Richards, numbers with non-800 prefixes account for more than 100,000 misdialed and accidental calls every single month. That’s a lot of wrong numbers.

3. They give your business street cred.

Americans aren’t just more likely to recognize 800 numbers; they also value them. In fact, 91 percent of people admit to preferring 800 numbers over other toll free also-rans because they’re more memorable and conducive to reflexive dialing. The takeaway? If you’re looking to stand out from your competitors in a customer-pleasing way, opting for an 800 number is a simple yet effective technique.

But it doesn’t end there. By giving consumers an easy-to-remember, direct point of contact with your business, 800 numbers also help build relationships, increase customer confidence, and improve the overall consumer experience.

4. They yield other, unexpected benefits.

We’ve covered the memorability of 800 numbers — particularly those unparalleledly potent 800 hundred series repeaters — along with other advantages, ranging from dialing ease on a smartphone to reputation enhancement.

But there are other, lesser-known benefits as well. Consider research indicating that having a toll free number may lead to a 50 percent reduction in returns of goods and services. How? By making it easier for consumers to contact you with questions or concerns, 800 numbers increase the odds of pre-return resolution.

5. They maximize your marketing budget.

If you’re like most businesses today, you’ve probably sunk some serious bank into your marketing budget. When it comes to getting the most out of that investment, 800 numbers deliver.

Whether flashing on a small or big screen, splashed on a billboard, or coming over the airwaves, an 800 number pays off exponentially every time a customer sees it or hears it and remembers it.

In other words, 800 numbers optimize your marketing campaign across multiple channels at minimal expense.

6. They’re a limited commodity.

Most people don’t think twice about 800 numbers; they just assume that they’re there for the taking. But we all know what happens when you assume: You risk the chance of not nabbing an 800 number when you need one, of course.

The truth is that given their superiority over their toll free counterparts, 800 numbers are actually in dwindling supply. So if you’re still casting a small net with a local area code or stuck in the 1980s with an untrackable and mobile-maddening vanity number, the time to make the switch is sooner than later.

Now we’re not calling you stubborn (okay, maybe we are), but given the abundance of evidence in favor of 800 numbers, we’re left wondering: What are you waiting for?


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