In agency-client relationships, Q4 marks the time when you must ask big questions, like, “Are the partnerships we’ve fostered the right fit to meet our goals? How did our year align with the goals we set? What are we aiming for next year?”

When it comes to evaluating your media agency, ensuring your relationship is cultivating creativity and growth will require a mix of shared technology, aligned strategy, and longstanding relationships with media partners, among other things. Here are 7 signs you found the right media planning agency.

1. Your Media Agency Uses Full Funnel Conversion Metrics

The customer journey is more diverse and complex than ever before. With the proliferation of new media channels, entry points into your sales funnel seem infinite. Accurate ROAS (return on ad spend) requires granular tracking of individual customers from first touch to conversion.

The right media agency will dive into your conversion funnel to learn exactly how your media campaigns impact customer behavior and the path to purchase. For example, a great media agency will track how your media spend on CTV boosts in-store visits or how radio ads drive e-commerce sales. Seasoned media agencies will use these insights to optimize and profitably scale your business.

2. They A/B Split Test

Even the most targeted media buys will flop if your messaging doesn’t resonate with your audience. Great creative, on the other hand, can make your brand stand out from the crowd. A/B split testing is a method to optimize creative by comparing two versions (a and b) of a single variable, like ad copy, artwork, or calls-to-action. Split testing requires data collection and analysis to improve conversions. Does your media agency put your new creative to the test? Take it as a sign that you’re in good hands.

3. Your Media Agency Has A Transparent Pricing System

Transparency means trust and it’s also a bright neon sign of competency. A great media partner will provide you with an upfront pricing structure that breaks down the media costs and agency commissions. Are commission fees based on a percentage of the cost of media or do they charge a flat rate? A trustworthy agency will be forthright with their pricing system from the start so there’s no surprises when you get the bill.

4. They Operate With A “Profitable Growth” Mindset

How does your media agency determine the effectiveness of your media? An agency with a profitable growth mindset will roll up their sleeves and get into the nitty gritty metrics that matter so that you can scale your business while staying profitable. For example, a media campaign that brings a high volume of new leads into your funnel is a good sign, but lead count alone is not enough to determine the profitability of that campaign. An agency that cares about your success will track your leads down to the sale and optimize your media buys for conversions.

5. They Listen and Adjust

Strong agency-client relationships are built with two-way communication, agility, mutual respect, and common goals. Does your agency implement your feedback wisely? A great media partner will use your feedback alongside their expertise to tackle unforeseen challenges and take advantage of newfound opportunities. Look for an agency that prioritizes your goals over their own, and can intelligently incorporate your feedback.

6. Your Agency Understands The Value Of All Media Channels

The media landscape is transforming at breakneck speed, creating new opportunities for brands to reach audiences with pinpoint precision.

Smart campaign decision-making requires a holistic approach to planning media.  If you piecemeal your media buys across multiple partners or over-optimize by cutting expensive channels to chase a lower CPL, you should consider the benefits of hiring a one-stop shop media agency:

  • Cross-channel continuity – serve relevant messaging across all channels. Keeping your messaging consistent across all your media helps support brand recognition and eliminates confusion.
  • Multi-channel attribution – track incremental lift across all channels to learn how offline media drives response online (i.e., audiences see your TV ad, then convert on your website).
  • ROAS – understand the true impact of your ad spend by tracking which media channels drive the most sales.

7. You Collaborate Well

Would you hire your agency’s account executive or creative director to work at your company? Do you look forward to your next conference call? Symbiosis is at the heart of a great agency partnership. Your agency should be a team player, not a spoke in your wheel. That doesn’t mean you should expect to get a “yes” every time you bring an idea to the table. An agency that’s looking out for your best interest should know when and how to push back, collaborate, or execute your vision exactly as you see it.


Find the Right Fit

Do you work with a media planning and buying agency that checks all the boxes or are you still searching for the right fit? Whether you’re thinking of transitioning your in-house media strategy to a partnership, or your current agency is up for review, let’s talk. Our team of experts will put forth the enthusiasm, desire to grow, and commitment necessary to take your business to the next level.