In Los Angeles, we have no NFL football team, so when the Super Bowl comes around, we root for our favorite television commercials. Specifically, we analyze the category that hits closest to home, considered purchases. Here’s our list of favorite spots for considered purchases from Super Bowl XLIX.

# 5 – Microsoft – “Braylon”

“What can we do that is unique?” The question is posed in a pitch-perfect voiceover by musician/actor, Common. At face value, the question appears to be a challenge to the consumer, but it’s simply stating Microsoft’s USP. Their consumer-facing benefit is technology that can drastically improve your life. The message is bolstered by the heart-warming story of a boy with prosthetic legs. The message is crystal clear, but the reason it’s number five on our list, and not number one, is lack of differentiation. Could Apple’s iOS transform lives just as well?


# 4 – Geico – “Push It”

This spot, like every Geico ad, only pushes one idea. It’s impossible for the audience to miss the message. “If you’re Salt ‘n Peppa, you tell people to ‘push it,’ it’s what you do. If you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to Geico.”



#3 – eSurance – “Say My Name”

The message: With eSurance you get the right insurance for you, not “sorta you.” The “Breaking Bad” tie-in was perfect at grabbing the target demo’s attention as they ate wings, chugged beer, and argued about “Deflategate.”


#2 – Toyota – “My Bold Dad”

Dad is bold when others are scared. He’s moral. He makes tough choices. This ad shakes up Toyota’s image as a dependable, economical car by intensifying the emotions associated with the brand. But why? In a world where just about every car on the market is safe and dependable, the Camry needs an emotional edge and, with this spot, they’ve found it.



#1 – Fiat – “Blue Pill”

This spot is all about overcoming the objection. The Fiat is cute, but it’s a bit too slow and small for the typical American consumer. Here, the old Fiat is supercharged by a “little blue pill” and becomes, “Bigger, more powerful and ready for action.” So, for those of you who turned down the Fiat when it first hit the market, now’s your chance to reconsider.