Optimizing Reach & Frequency for Broadcast Television:

How Wingman transformed  a weak media plan into a lead magnet.

The Client

Wynstan is a well-established Australian brand who sells custom door screens and window coverings. In 2017, Wynstan opened its first showroom in Los Angeles, an ideal entry point into the US market. As of Q3 2022, Wynstan had opened 5 locations in Los Angeles.


Wynstan’s marketing plan plateaued within a few years of entering the US market. Although they had continued spending money on television advertising, they weren’t generating enough leads to meet their growth goals. Disappointed by the low response from their media plan, Wynstan decided they would seek out a new media agency. In Q3 2022, Wynstan approached Wingman Media, hoping the agency could reignite growth in the US market.


The Solution

Wingman devised a new media plan and supporting creative to generate awareness in the LA market, build credibility for Wynstan products, and drive conversions to meet their growth goal of 3,600 in-home appointments.



    Consolidate Media Buys to Balance Reach and Frequency


    Wingman audited Wynstan’s media plan for opportunities to optimize their current spend. Wynstan’s media schedules were onboarded into Wingman’s media buying system, providing the actual delivery of their existing television campaigns.

    Wingman discovered that Wynstan’s current media budget was spread too thin; they were advertising on several small TV stations with only a few commercials per station, resulting in fragmented reach and low frequency. Wingman knew they could help Wynstan accelerate growth from TV by balancing reach and frequency.

    The new media plan consolidated Wynstan’s budget into a single station with the highest ratings in the LADMA. Pouring the budget into the #1 station in the LA market would allow Wynstan to reach the largest television audience in Los Angeles and increase the frequency in which that audience would see Wynstan commercials. Additionally, Wingman broke up the 30-second spots into 30 and 15-second spots, giving them even more frequency for lower CPMs.


    Consolidate The Creative Messaging. Focus Solely On Their Top Revenue Generator


    An audit by Wingman Creative discovered that Wynstan was missing a big opportunity to sell its flagship product, a custom-fit screen door with near impenetrable security features that also happened to be beautifully designed. Wingman recommended focusing solely on its strongest product, also with the least competition. Communicating the product’s unique features and benefits would allow Wynstan to create a point of differentiation from other screen door companies while filling a crack in the market.

    Additionally, Wingman Creative sought to communicate an offer timed to US retail holidays, a clearer call-to-action using a premium 1-800 number, and an updated look and feel for the :30 second and :15 second broadcast TV spot.





    Immediate Results

    +610% MORE LEADS

    The results of the new media plan coupled with the new creative were instantaneous.
    In the first week of the campaign alone, Wynstan reported:


    More website traffic


    more phone call leads


    more consultations booked online

    The optimized media and creative put Wynstan on track to surpass their annual growth goal by almost 24%


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