A Paid Social Media Plan Boosts Sales

Wingman Media helps a leading mattress retailer drive e-commerce sales and in-store purchases through paid social media advertising.


Sit ’n Sleep is a multi-channel advertiser with media campaigns running across radio, television and digital. Although the brand has traditionally focused creative entirely on mattress sales, they also sell bedroom furniture, bed-in-a-box, pillows, sheets, and other bedding accessories.

Wingman identified a new opportunity for Sit ‘n Sleep to expand messaging to promote furniture, beds-in-a-box, and bedding accessories. By advertising products beyond traditional mattresses, Wingman helped Sit ‘n Sleep tap into new streams of revenue and drive in-store and e-commerce sales.

The Client

Sit ’n Sleep is one of the largest mattress retailers in the US with 39 retail stores across Southern California. In addition to mattresses, Sit ’n Sleep sells bedroom furniture and other sleep related products.



Online mattress brands have waged a new war against traditional brick and mortar mattress stores, with e-commerce sales creating new competition in an industry that hasn’t been shaken up in generations.  



Although Sit ‘n Sleep is a well-known mattress retailer among Southern California residents, few people are aware that they also sell furniture and bedding accessories. 


The Solution

In Q4 2021, Wingman executed three paid social campaigns to help Sit ‘n Sleep expand product sales beyond traditional mattresses across its e-commerce and brick and mortar stores. These ad campaigns reached in-market audiences across Facebook and Instagram using animated videos and carousel ads.


Bed-In-A-Box Campaign 

The mattress industry has experienced a recent boom in online mattress sales over the last few years, with the growing popularity of lightweight mattresses that are rolled and compressed for easy shipping. Clear winners have emerged as leaders in each category. Rather than compete with bed-in-a-box companies, Sit ‘n Sleep partnered with top brands like Nectar, Purple and Casper Mattress. As a result, they’ve emerged from that climate bigger and better than ever in both categories.

• Approach: Wingman executed a paid social media strategy to help Sit ‘n Sleep reach direct-to-consumer audiences online where the majority of bed-in-a-box purchases are made. The bed-in-a-box prospecting campaign generated awareness and consideration for the product for audiences in the market for a new mattress. The retargeting campaign was executed to convert interest and consideration into action for purchase-ready consumers.

• Creative Assets: carousel ads

• Target Product: bed-in-a-box mattresses
Landing Page


 Furniture Campaign

Wingman saw social media as a cost-effective channel to educate audiences familiar with Sit ‘n Sleep as a mattress retailer but who were unaware that they also sell high quality bedroom furniture.  In 2021 Wingman executed paid social media ads promoting bedroom furniture sales. Wingman provided soup-to-nuts UX design and development of new landing pages. Sit ‘n Sleep’s previous furniture page was a list of furniture products with no segmentation. The new landing pages presented furniture collections with an attractive, user-friendly layout with the ability to refine products using relevant filters.

• Approach:  Two targeting strategies

      Prospecting – Designed to build awareness and consideration for the product.
      Retargeting – Designed to convert interest and consideration into action.

Creative Assets: carousel (Prospecting) | animated video (Retargeting)
• Target Products: LA Beds (Retargeting) | dressers, nightstands, headboards, mirrors, chests, bed frames, beds (Prospecting)
Landing Page



The Sleep Trifecta Campaign

Bundled products make it easy to sell to in-market consumers looking for high quality products and convenience that cuts down time-consuming research and eases a buyer’s burden of choice. Wingman’s tactic increased Sit ‘n Sleep’s AOV (average order value) while keeping low-selling products in circulation.

• Approach:

To help Sit ‘n Sleep land more sales of low-priced products, Wingman launched the Sleep Trifecta campaign promoting mattress accessories bundled together at a single price.  Drawing upon creative inspiration from other mattress retailers like Purple’s The Royal Treatment, Snooze + Snuggle, and Double the Comfort product bundles, Wingman came up with a catchy name, Sleep Trifecta, to create a new product offer that felt truly aspirational.


• Creative Assets: animated videos
• Target Products: pillows + sheets + weighted blankets

The Results by campaign



Sit 'n Sleep's bed-in-a-box sales as a percentage of e-commerce sales increased 47% year-over-year.

Prospecting ROAS: 17.13 

Retargeting ROAS: 17.6



Searches for furniture and furniture related topics on jumped 120%.

Prospecting ROAS: 9.59

Retargeting ROAS: 15.57




Increased customer interest in the Tricfecta product; stores moving more trifecta bundles than are sold online.

Retargeting ROAS: 29.48


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