We’ve fished these headlines out fresh from the big data pool. Enjoy.

1.  A recent eMarketer survey indicates that “lack of education is still the No. 1 thing hindering greater adoption of Big Data by businesses … and executives say it will be years before Big Data’s usefulness is fully realized.” Finance and retail are fairly well-positioned, but other sectors lag far behind.  [eMarketer]

  It’s no surprise, but Facebook and Pinterest are bulking up their big data teams.  [Business Insider]

3.  Orwell award of the month: Google learns to transcribe house numbers from Street View images.  [Wired UK]

4.  Here in California, one federal circuit judge may upend how internet giants use data from users.  Meet the honorable Lucy Koh, who in September rattled Google — and became a hero to some privacy advocates — when she said the company wasn’t disclosing its plans for the user information clearly enough.”

5.  And finally here’s some excellent reporting from AdAge on how the Marine Corps works with JWT Atlanta to harness big data for recruiting efforts. “Today, the USMC analyzes data from the Department of Defense’s own prospect lists, direct interactions through email or digital ads, third-party demographic data, 2010 Census data, voter file data and behavioral and purchase transaction data from outside sources including Acxiom.”  [AdAge]