We’ll efficiently scale your digital media buys, boost your conversion rates, and increase your ROAS using our award-winning digital media technology.

What We Buy

Programmatic Video Display

We use real-time bidding to display your ads to your ideal client profile on mobile, desktop and television.


Connected TV

Advertise on premium, ad-supported shows provided by top-tier networks on audiences using  smart TVs and OTT devices.

Paid Search & Paid Social

Sponsored ads on popular social media platforms, traditional PPC, Google Shopping, Native Ads, Remarketing / Retargeting.



Digital Audio & Streaming

Expand your media mix with listener-level audience targeting across top music and radio streaming platforms.



What We Offer

Media Planning

Our media planners determine the media mix and messaging that will drive the greatest response- from television and radio to digital and out-of-home.

Media Buying

Our team of seasoned media buyers ensure your message receives maximum exposure among your target market at the lowest possible ad rates.

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Creative Development

Our in-house creative team will bring your most valuable messaging to life for a fraction of the cost, with pricing based on a percentage of your media buy.


Measured Results

We provide real-time analytics to help you understand the impact of your media across all channels.

Audience Targeting

Our Audience Management Platform activates highly targeted, audience-based TV ad campaigns.

Content Production

Our creative department can work with your existing creative partners to produce additional content. We love working with other creatives!


Ready to upgrade your media plan?

Maximize every digital ad dollar with haloAMP™.

Most digital media campaigns have it backwards. They put scale first and audience quality last. Wingman gets it right. We start by precisely defining your audience using haloAMP™ – a powerful audience management platform available exclusively through Wingman Media.

Brands We Work With




Increased comparable store sales 17% Year Over Year. Lowered CPA 44% YOY.

217million Intelliloan Increase


Scaled monthly loan volume from $14 million to $280 million in 8 months.



Negotiated a zero risk media partnership that increased sales by 314% YOY.


Wingman Media is a traditional and digital media agency that will make the most out of your media budget. Our digital media buying strategy revolves around efficiently scaling your media to make sure there are no wasted media dollars. However, we’re also much more than a digital media firm, we’re also an experienced paid search agency as well as a paid social agency. In addition, we’ve helped our clients optimize their digital media with programmatic media buying. As a paid media agency, we’ve planned, created and executed successful campaigns across all platforms for over 20 years. Don’t waste your time hiring different digital media agencies, paid search agencies and paid social agencies. Go with the digital media company that offers digital media buying and so much more. Go with Wingman.

About Us

Wingman Media is an award winning Media Buying and Media Planning Agency in Los Angeles, California. We plan data-driven media campaigns for companies that sell niche products and services and drive maximum response from all channels - including television, digital, programatic display and video, connected TV, paid social media, paid search, radio, and audio streaming. 

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