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A Powerful Audience Management Platform for More Targeted TV Media Buys 

Traditional TV Media Planning
Needs a New Approach


For decades, broad-based demographic audience data has been the watchword of television audience targeting. Yet these statistical methods of audience measurement rely on averaged data from small samples of viewers. This scarcely reflects the actual viewership of your audience. Granular insights are missing, targeting is very limited, and purchase intent is nonexistent.


Wingman is demo agnostic – we ignore demographics and vintage statistical methods. Our systems leverage REAL consumer data to identify who will buy next. We don’t care if customers are 18 or 80. The only thing that matters is that they’re in the market for our clients’ offerings. Our proprietary Audience Management Platform, haloAMP™, uses the actual viewership data from your key audiences to plan TV campaigns from a people-based approach.

The Impact of TV + The Precision of Digital

Watch the video to find out how our proprietary Audience Management Platform helps brands connect with key audiences across television. You’ll see why traditional audience measurement wastes ad spend, and how haloAMP™ helps you reach real people with maximum efficiency.


haloAMP™  Makes TV Work Harder

Target Audiences with Greater Precision

Reduce Waste of Media Budgets

Discover More Granular  TV Viewership Insights

Increase Relevancy of Messaging

How haloAMP™ for Television Works


We use haloAMP™ to create custom segments (defined audiences) and make your first-party data actionable within the television media ecosystem. We use universal identity links to anonymize the individuals within your custom audience segments.


haloAMP™ pushes out custom audience segments to our third-party data providers. Our providers match set-top box data to your anonymized customer identity links to identify household level viewership from your custom audience segments.


Viewership data is compiled and granular insights from your custom audience segments are imported into our television media planning and buying systems. We then execute campaigns based on the TV viewership of real people who buy your products or services. 

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