Media Services

Omni-Channel Media Planning & Buying

Reaching fragmented audiences with the right media mix is one of the biggest challenges for today’s advertisers. At Wingman, we utilize the power of consumer purchase data to find and engage purchase-ready audiences across all channels, screens and devices.

Media Channels We Buy

Local, Addressable, Remnant, Connected & National Network
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Terrestrial, Satellite, Streaming, Mobile Apps & Podcasts
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Display, Video, Social, Email, Paid Search & Mobile
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Analytics, Optimization & Reporting

Our analytics platform is the engine that drives our campaign decision making. We have integrated media systems to track and measure campaign response across all media channels. We manage our buys and continuously optimize media spend and creative for digital search and display, mobile, video, television and radio.


Attribution Modeling

Our omni-channel mapping technology allows us to measure the impact of media dollars across all channels. We track and attribute the value of media placements through the funnel and across all environments — including broadcast, connected TV, search, social and digital display & video.

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Call Dashboard

Wingman uses best-in-class telephony partners to track phone calls driven by campaign initiatives. Our systems track and integrate calls from all sources including – broadcast media, search, social and customer reviews on a near real-time basis.

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Performance Reports

Our detailed reports include what markets/stations/creative/dates/times are driving the most unique traffic at the lowest Cost-Per-Lead. We provide metrics on offline to online attribution, integrated Google Analytics, impressions, goal tracking and integrated call tracking.

Need to increase the efficiency of your media? Wingman can help!

Our people-based approach to media planning engages purchase ready audiences on a one to one basis across the media ecosystem.
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