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A Field Guide to Choosing a Celebrity Spokesperson

Endorsements, at their core, work by implying that a celebrity’s talents, attractiveness, or success are in some part due to the product’s benefits. Hiring a celebrity to endorse a brand or product can increase demand, boost recognition and attract new customers. That...

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Behind the Business with Sit ‘N Sleep’s Larry Miller

In our latest blog post we interview a client that's been with us for almost 25 years, Larry Miller. Here, we discuss how he started Sit ‘n Sleep, the future of the company, and the changing landscape of the mattress industry. (WINGMAN) TELL ME A LITTLE BIT ABOUT...

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Considered Purchases For the Home News & Insights

Marketing Considered Purchases isn't easy, but it's what we do best. To that end, we're constantly on the lookout for the latest news and insights in our niche.  Read on for a rundown of interesting stories. 1. CALL OF THE MALL... AdAge asks, "Can Data Save the Mall?"...

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This Week in Big Data: Stories for the Interested Browser

It’s a buzzword. It’s a powerful tool. It’s misunderstood. The technology moves at an ever-increasing velocity.  It’s This Week in Big Data -- a round-up of the most interesting data-filled journalism and content marketing. 1. PROGRAMMATIC/BROADCAST Nielsen Acquires...

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Wingman’s Top 5 Game Day Ads

In Los Angeles, we have no NFL football team, so when the Super Bowl comes around, we root for our favorite television commercials. Specifically, we analyze the category that hits closest to home, considered purchases. Here's our list of favorite spots for considered...

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Using Social Media Reviews for Social Proof Marketing

Social proof is a major asset when selling a considered purchase for the home. When uncertain about how to maintain, improve, or reimagine their properties, homeowners look to fellow homeowners to reinforce or rationalize their decisions. According to motivational...

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Knowing When to Kill a Commercial

After 30 years of selling, writing, and placing commercials on radio and TV, there is one important lesson I have learned that has saved my clients and me a ton of money. If you've written a successful radio or TV ad, you'll know it the first time it airs. If it...

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Programmatic Advertising Demystified

In a digital marketing landscape filled with jargon, programmatic advertising continues to claim the “buzzword blue ribbon” when it comes to acronyms, unclear language, and generally hazy definitions/understandings of actually-very-straightfoward concepts. So there’s...

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September Newsletter

The rumors are true… We’ve just launched a brand new company website, and we’d love your feedback. Take a look and let us know what you think! Celebrity Spokespersons: Choose Carefully   Here at Wingman, we’ve had a long history of success with celebrity...

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Considered Purchases Branding: Homeowner as Hero

  The teenage boy pops a piece of Blast chewing gum in a crowded hallway at his high school. Immediately, a cool shot of minty flavor explodes in his mouth. His newfound fresh breath boosts his confidence so high he can ask the cute cheerleader standing by her...

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Wearable Tech – Because Smart Phones Are Now Passe

If mobile and big data are still the current marketer obsessions du jour, it's not hard to see tomorrow's "it" fascinations just around the corner of our google glass field of vision ... from where we're looking these would be "the internet of things" and "wearables,"...

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5 Check-in Marketing Strategies Worth Checking Out

In 2013, the Foursquare community grew to 40 million people who’ve checked in 4.5 billion times to over 1.5 million businesses. Along with Facebook, Yelp and Twitter, location-based social media apps have provided businesses the opportunity to interact with their...

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The Big Data Driven News Roundup

We’ve fished these headlines out fresh from the big data pool: 1. Did you know that the data-driven marketing service sector employs 676,000 people? Or that big data marketing was a 156 billion dollar business in 2012? These and other interesting data points came out...

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Is Radio Advertising Still an Arbitrage Opportunity?

As evidence piles up that the digital ad market has become too fragmented and complex, are advertisers and agencies missing a prime arbitrage opportunity when it comes to radio? According to Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey, it looks like radio may finally be heating back up...

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The Big Data-Driven News Roundup – January 2014

We’ve fished these headlines out fresh from the big data pool. Enjoy. 1.  A recent eMarketer survey indicates that “lack of education is still the No. 1 thing hindering greater adoption of Big Data by businesses … and executives say it will be years before Big Data’s...

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