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For decades, advertisers and media agencies have relied on broad-based demographic audience data (age range and gender) to plan media campaigns for television.

Demographic data is derived from statistical methods that use small sample sizes to determine viewership for an entire population.  These statistical methods lack granular audience insights and the ability to target effectively.


We do not think age range and gender are good indicators of purchase intent. Wingman is demo agnostic; we don’t care if someone is 18 or 80. We only care if they are in the market for our client’s products and services.

Our systems leverage REAL consumer data to identify audiences closest to the point of purchase. We then match those purchase ready audiences to actual viewership data sets. haloAMP allows us to avoid massive media waste and to target television audiences with far greater precision.

The Impact of TV. The Precision of Digital.

Watch the video to learn how Wingman Media’s proprietary audience targeting solution helps brands connect with key audiences without the wasted ad spend of traditional audience measurement tools. haloAMP helps you plan your television media to reach real people wherever they are paying attention.

haloAMP Makes TV Work Harder

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Target Audiences with
Greater Precision

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Reduce Waste of
Media Budgets

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See More Granular
Media Insights


Increase Relevancy
of Messaging

How haloAMP for Television Works

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    We use haloAMP Audience Builder to build custom segments and make your first party data actionable within the television media ecosystem.

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    haloAMP pushes custom audience segments to our third party media providers who match set-top-box data with your anonymized customer identity links. We obtain household level viewership data from real people.

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    Viewership data is compiled and granular insights from your custom audience segments are imported into our television media planning & buying systems. We then plan and buy media based on people who have shown interest in your products, your actual customers, as well as look-a-like audiences.

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haloAMP OmniChannel Solutions

Activate Audience Data Across Every Media Channel, Screen and Device.

haloAMP is a full suite of targeting solutions that helps brands reach multi-screen consumers, reduces wastage of ad budgets and increases your marketing ROI.

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