Audience Management Solutions

haloAMP Supercharges Your Media Campaigns

haloAMP is our proprietary audience management platform that better informs our media planning and campaign executions. haloAMP takes your first party data out of silos and into action, uncovering audience insights that help you reach real people who are ready to buy from you. The haloAMP suite offers several solutions to build, target and engage audiences across the entire media ecosystem.


haloAMP Supercharges Your Media Campaigns



halo allows us to buy the media that works, while reducing wasted ad spend on what doesn't. More targeted media means your advertising dollars work harder.



halo campaigns target audiences with the highest propensity to convert into customers, providing greater response and more qualified leads into the sales funnel.



By targeting audiences showing intent to buy, halo ensures your message is relevant and meaningful to in-market consumers interested in your product or service.



halo campaigns find and engage a single audience across the entire media ecosystem. Targeting one audience allows for consistent messaging across channels, screens and devices.

haloAMP Custom Audience Builder

Make Your Customer Data Actionable for Cross-Channel Execution


Our people-based audience builder aggregates first and third party consumer purchase data to build audiences from real people. halo connects the dots between online and offline data sources and links them back to a single anonymized identity. Moving data out of silos and into one unified audience helps advertisers to create a seamless customer experience across the entire media ecosystem.

haloAMP for Television

Hyper-Target TV Audiences with Digital Precision 

haloAMP for Television leverages household-level viewership insights that allow us to plan and buy media based on what your unique audience segments are watching. Say goodbye to planning TV from broad-based metrics like age range and gender and hello to targeting real people who intend to purchase your product or service.

haloAMP for Radio

Drive Maximum Response in Radio

haloAMP for Radio leverages a data warehouse of  historical response for more targeted radio campaigns. Gain audience insights far beyond traditional ratings to maximize ROI from your radio ads.

haloAMP for Radio

Reach Real People, Not Cookies Across Digital Media

haloAMP for Digital employs people-based marketing across your online media, helping brands evolve beyond cookie-based targeting to better activate and engage digital audiences. haloAMP for Digital incorporates multiple types of persistent identifiers to reach real people with relevant messaging that drives higher ROAS.