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Evolve Beyond Cookie Data with haloAMP People Based Targeting

Digital marketers have long relied on web cookies to identify and target audiences across digital media. With new technologies opening the door to more accurate identity-based targeting, cookie data just doesn’t cut it anymore. haloAMP for Digital solves the limitations of cookie data and helps marketers adopt people-based targeting across the media ecosystem.


Cookies are device centric, thus creating identity gaps in the data captured. Cookies do not account for people sharing a single device, or people using multiple devices. And because cookies typically have a 30-day shelf life, long term response data cannot be tracked and the value of the prospect cannot be accounted for.


haloAMP applies a people-based approach to audience targeting – by identifying and engaging the real people who care about your message. haloAMP uses anonymized persistent identifiers to target people who are interacting with your brand across online and offline channels. Persistent identifiers allow advertisers to collect audience data out of silos and consolidate into single identities.

How haloAMP Collects and Activates Key Customer Data

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    Build Custom Audience Segments

    We use the haloAMP Audience Builder to build custom segments and make your first party data actionable across digital media

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    Marry Offline Audience Data with Online Data

    haloAMP makes it possible to serve media to online audiences using only offline data, such as name and physical address.  

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    Activate Signal Data

    halo gathers signal data (behaviors, characteristics and actions) to understand purchase intent of our segments and  where they are in the purchase cycle. This allows us to tailor our messaging to convert more leads.

Gain A Holistic View of Your Most Valuable Customers


Tailor Messaging to Individuals


Match Offline to Online Data


Fill Gaps in Customer Data


Identify Signals of Purchase Intent

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Understand Lifetime Value of Customers

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Increase Engagement and Conversions

Reach Customers Across the Digital Media Ecosystem

Whether you run paid search, programmatic video and display, social, nonlinear TV or any other type of digital media campaigns, the haloAMP audience management data solutions can help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all your digital marketing efforts. Find out more about our digital media services.


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Use haloAMP to Execute Omnichannel Media Campaigns

haloAMP offers a full suite of proprietary audience targeting solutions to help brands reach multi-screen consumers, across every media channel. Learn more about our other solutions in the haloAMP audience management suite.


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