haloAMP℠ for Radio

The halo Audience Management Platform leverages two decades of historical response data that provide unparalleled insights into the radio that delivers maximum efficiency and engagement for considered purchases.

Measure Radio Response Across All Conversion Paths

haloAMP’s data insights inform radio advertisers of the right inventory and the right CPM to maximize ROI and response. In order to determine the right CPM (cost per thousand impressions) by station, we integrate media response and conversion data across multiple paths to conversion.


Retail Traffic
& In-Store Sales

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Call Center Leads


In-Home Appointments
& Demonstrations


E-Commerce Store/
Online Sales

Maximize Media Effectiveness Across Every Channel

haloAMP offers an entire suite of audience management platforms that work together to help advertisers find and engage real people across the entire media ecosystem. Learn more about the other haloAMP solutions to select which platforms are right for you.

Activate haloAMP with Every Radio Campaign

From terrestrial to streaming, our media campaigns activate haloAMP across both traditional radio and digital audio formats, to help you reach the right audiences no matter where they are tuning in. Click below to learn about all of our media planning and buying services for radio.



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