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Cookies Are Crumbling.

People-Based Targeting Is Here.

Website cookies have long been marketers’ go-to for identifying and targeting digital audiences. But new technologies have brought more accurate identity-based targeting. haloAMP™ moves beyond cookie limitations, allowing brands to target real people across the entire digital media ecosystem, and beyond.

Problem: Cookies Fail to Identify

Cookies are device centric — they limit data insights to a single device. They don’t account for device sharing by multiple users. And because cookies typically have a 30-day self-life, long-term response data is excluded, so prospect value cannot be measured over time. This creates a big identity gap, as you don’t really know your consumers. 

Solution: People Based Targeting

Wingman’s proprietary Audience Management Platform, haloAMP™, applies a people-based approach to targeting — identifying and engaging the real people who care about your message. Using anonymized persistent identifiers, haloAMP™ targets people as they interact with your brand online and offline. Persistent identifiers allow advertisers to turn silo data into single identities.

How haloAMP™ Collects and Activates Key Customer Data

Build Custom Audience Segments

Wingman uses haloAMP™ to create custom audience segments and make your first-party data actionable across digital media.

Let Offline Inform Online

haloAMP™ allows advertisers to serve media to online audiences with basic offline data, such as name and physical address, while maintaining privacy compliance.

Activate Signal Data

haloAMP™ identifies signals of purchase intent to build experiences customers want, rather than messages they want to ignore.

Reach Your Most Valuable Audiences Across the Entire Digital Media Ecosystem

Do you run digital media campaigns across Paid Search, Programmatic Video and Display, Paid Social, Connected TV, or Streaming Audio Display? The haloAMP™ Audience Management Platform can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire digital media strategy.


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