Authentic Storytelling Decreases Lead Cost by 52%

Wingman brings historic growth to local Window Company by sharing their founder’s story.


California Deluxe Windows (CDW) is the only made-to-order window and door manufacturer in Southern California. Their investment-grade products are constructed from high-quality materials, backed by a no-fine-print warranty, and have dozens of innovative features designed by CDW’s owner, Aaron Adrim.

The Challenge

After the housing market crashed, the window business was smashed. The few consumers who were in the market were only replacing their windows if they really looked terrible. And they weren’t looking for investment-grade products, they just wanted something affordable. So when CDW came to Wingman for a plan, the agency knew CDW’s windows were going to be a hard considered purchase to sell. How would Wingman create room in the market for a high-end window manufacturer?

The Approach

Wingman believed that the home improvement company would find success by telling its own story. Wingman’s creative team went on sales calls with CDW’s employees, talked to its customers, shopped the competition, and toured the factory numerous times. Throughout the process, CEO Aaron Adrim was always armed with funny anecdotes about his products. These sayings, later dubbed “Aaron-isms” would find their way into the new campaign.

Wingman realized that CDW’s story could only be about one thing: Aaron Adrim. His plucky charm and passion for his products was infectious. Wingman needed to make consumers connect with Aaron’s passion and give them specifics about his windows and doors that separated CDW from the competition.

The Media Campaign

After some not-so-gentle prodding, Aaron reluctantly agreed to voice the radio spots. Wingman launched the Innovations campaign with a two-minute advertorial spot where local DJs interviewed Aaron Adrim about all of the features that distinguished CDW from its competitors.

After A/B testing several spots produced for the campaign, “Stucco-Saving Windows,” outperformed every other radio commercial. The spot discussed how most window installers leave a house looking worse after an installation with an unforgettable “Aaron-ism” about potato chips.


The “Innovations” campaign proved to be a hit. CDW’s average ticket increased by 36%! Wingman set out to target a more upscale consumer that focused more on quality and less on price. As a result of driving more qualified leads, Wingman was able to decrease CDW’s lead cost by 52% and increase conversions from a phone call to an appointment by 24%.



Lowered Cost Per Lead 52%



Increased conversions from a call to appointment 24%



Increased average order amount 38%


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