Planning Advanced Linear TV with haloAMP℠

How haloAMP helped a national furniture retailer reduce TV media costs and maximize reach and response

The Challenge

Wingman was tasked building a media plan for television to help a furniture store retailer achieve more than double the projected growth for the industry while maintaining the previous year’s budget. In order to help our client reach such a lofty goal, we needed to create a media plan that would reduce spend on creative and media and drive response without sacrificing on reach from key audience segments.



Increase Retail Store Traffic

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Reduce Waste on Ad Spend

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Reach Custom Segments

The Solution


Rather than buying television from broad demographic ratings, Wingman needed a customized media plan based on viewership insights from our client’s actual customers. We used our audience management platform, haloAMP to match our client’s first party data with household level TV viewership data from our network of data partners. 


First Party Data

CRM, Point of Sale, Lead Lists, Web Data


3rd Party Data

Device ID Viewership Data


Household Level Viewership

haloAMP matches 1st & 3rd Party Data to obtain household level TV viewership


Once we obtained viewership data of the custom audiences, we used haloAMP to evaluate all available TV programming. Programming was weighted and scored based on audience size and engagement. Results were divided into three tiers based on the the top, middle, and lowest ranking programs.  


When we analyzed the data by individual program, we found that our household level viewership data did not always reflect the broader market. Sometimes our data indicated a lower levels of audience engagement than expected. We leveraged these deeper insights to purchase TV spots where our client’s custom segments were the largest and most engaged. 

A New Opportunity

By using haloAMP to understand the viewership of the furniture retailer’s custom audience segments, we identified an opportunity to maximize reach and efficiency by targeting Hispanic audiences within English media. Hispanic programming was eliminated from the TV buy. This lowered media and creative costs without sacrificing on reach within the Hispanic community. 


By activating our furniture retailer client’s first party data with haloAMP, Wingman uncovered new opportunities to optimize advertising in television. As a result of planning media with better audience measurement, revenue growth exceeded our client expectations.

We reduced our client’s television spend by $1.4 million dollars and revenue within the Hispanic segment grew 6% YOY, which was fifty percent higher than the non-targeted control segment. In fact, growth in the Hispanic customer segment greater than in any previous years, representing a new milestone for our client’s business. 

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TV Spend Down $1.4MM

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Milestone Growth in Hispanic Segment


Greater than 2X Projected Market Growth

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