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Celebrity Spokespersons: Choose Carefully


Here at Wingman, we’ve had a long history of success with celebrity spokespersons. We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to cook up and sustain a successful celebrity endorsement marketing strategy, and so we’ve distilled that learning into this month’s article.


Questions to ask while constructing a celebrity endorsement strategy include:

• Are you trying to introduce your product to a new audience or reinforce and bolster your current customers’ affinity for the product?
• How much does this celebrity cost?
• Does he or she have a history of being easy to work with?
• Is you celebrity geographically relevant to your audience?

The celebrity you choose will vary depending on how the calculus above emerges from your strategic considerations. If your strategy is sound, a B-list celebrity can almost always offer a better return on your investment than one that’s currently eluding the paparazzi.

Highlights include several case histories of B-list celebrities yielding A-list returns, including a washed up TV actor who effectively made the American market for decaffeinated coffee back in the late 1970s.

Wingman’s Field Guide to Choosing a Celebrity Spokesperson

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